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problems with annealing?

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Vacuum heat treatment is mainly used for the hardening and tempering of  different type of components. These processes are protected against oxygen and are environmental conform and up to a certain extent controllable due to the use of quenching gases. But due to the degree of alloying – particular for low alloyed steels – oils as quenching medium is required

In addition to the plasma – carburizing the low pressure carburizing gets more important in the recent time.

Further important processes under vacuum are brazing and sinter-techniques as well as high pressure nitriding, for which complex processes are to be considered.

With all these processes a lot of mistakes can occur in case the right  parameters are not combined.

The main scope of problems is listed below:
  • quality of used material
  • selection of material according to applications
  • pre-treatment of components and parts
  • quality of atmosphere and used gases
  • temperature-profiles
  • pressure
  • quenching-criterias
  • quenching media (gas/oil)
  • process-control-system
  • processes
All heat treatment processes are empirical processes. Therefore the best solutions can be found with the help of experts with outstanding experiences.