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problems with carbonitriding?

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Atmosphere Heat Treatment processes such as carbonitriding are basicaly used for the manufacturing of different kind of components and parts which are needed in the automobile-, aircraft- and machinery-industry in order to optimize the specific characteristics of the material. Correct gas-atmospheres are necessary to transfer carbon and/or nitrogen in the components, in order to improve hardness and lifetime.

Protective gas-atmospheres help to avoid oxidations during hardening processes. Some main parameters which influence the processes and can create large financial losses in case of failure are listed:

  • quality of used material
  • selection of material according to applications
  • pre-treatment of components and parts
  • quality of atmosphere and used gases
  • temperature profiles
  • quenching criteria
  • process control systems
  • processes
All heat treatment processes are empirical processes. Therefore, the best solutions can be only found with the help of Experts with outstanding experiences.