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PM-09 5th International Conference & Exhibition

Start Date 2009-02-16 End Date 2009-02-18
Location Goa, India   Powder Metallurgy Association of India

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International Conference on Powder Injection Molding & Workshop on . . .

Start Date 2009-03-02 End Date 2009-03-05
Location Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), FL   Metal Powder Industries Federation, APMI International, 105 College Road East, Princeton, NJ 08540-6692, or FAX your registration to: 609-987-8523

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funktionale schutzschichten

Start Date 2009-03-03 End Date 2009-03-04
Location Dortmund, Germany   Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Kolbergerstr. 22, D-81679 München

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Südtec, internationale Zuliefermesse

Start Date 2009-03-03 End Date 2009-03-05
Location Stuttgart, Germany  

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European Days 2009 in Strasbourg

Start Date 2009-03-09 End Date 2009-03-20
Location Strasbourg, France   A3TS, AIM, ASMET, SVW/ASTT und VWT

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HEAT TREATMENT FOR THE FUTURE - Bodycote AGA-Linde Seminar - Call for paper

Start Date 2009-05-27 End Date 2009-05-28
Location Gothenburg, Sweden  

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