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Terms of Use

Date: 19.05.2008

Dießemer Bruch 112i
47805 Krefeld


§1 Area of application

The following terms of use cover all information and services that are provided through the domain HEATREAT.DE is only responsible for contents that have been created and published by themselves.


§2 Liability

HEATREAT.DE is not liable for contents and programs that are published through the domain, including probable resulting damages – particularly consequential damage – unless these damages are caused by gross negligence. This is – among other things – valid for damages that are caused through faulty or incomplete information, deletion of data or viruses. Furthermore, HEATREAT.DE does not assume any liability for the unavailability or disturbances within the website or unauthorized access of third persons to user data (e.g. through a hacker attack).
Data which is published by the user are subject to his care. HEATREAT.DE is not liable for the abuse of published data through third parties.


§3 Copyright

All information stored on is protected by copyright laws. Without written permit, no contents may be copied, reproduced or redestributed. This applies to graphical elements as well as text contents.


§4 Privacy

§4.1 Personal and company data

HEATREAT.DE is obliged to act according to legal privacy regulations. The data entered as a part of the registration on  (personal or company data) are used to identify customers and process the respective orders. Personal or company data like name, address, email or other contact data are not distributed to third parties.

§4.2 Statistical surveys

Non-personal data like country of origin or industries can be processed for statistical surveys of the website usage on This data is processed non-personalized and quantitative and may be forwarded to our advertising partners.

§4.3 Cookies

The website offers several functions to raise the ease of use of the platform. To enable these functions, small text files that are called “cookies” are saved in your browser. These for instance allow you to set a custom language as well as logging into the platform. The usage of cookies on serves purely a higher ease of use and security.


§5 Registration

HEATREAT.DE offers to its customers the possibility to register on The registration is required to use certain services like the expert inquiry or the marketplace. During the registration process, the system asks for some obligatory data which is necessary for contractual relationship. Due to this, users are obliged to enter complete and valid information during that process. The registration as such is for free, there is no legal claim to having a user account on In case of violations of these terms of use or abusive usage, the user account may be suspended permanently by HEATREAT.DE. Further monetary obligations only arise from the usage of concrete services. Please read §6 Special terms of use for further information.


§6 Special terms of use

For some contents and services on, there are additional terms of service in force:


§6.1 Expert inquiry

As a registered commercial user, you can start expert inquiries for various different topics in the field of heat treatment. For this purpose, we provide you with extensive inquiry forms. The data you enter there are used to analyse your problem and to calculate an offer.
A consultant may contact you or a call back. A consulting contract however only comes about once you have confirmed the HEATREAT.DE offer in written form.

Concrete conditions like price, inspections on-site, actions to be taken, etc. are defined individually according to your problem as a part of the offer. The thereabouts defined services, assurances and conditions are a contractual part of the purchase order and are valid in addition to these terms of use.


§6.2 Marketplace

The HEATREAT.DE marketplace is like the “yellow pages” for the heat treatment industry and allows you to enter as many branches of your company as you want. A commercial user account is prerequisite to the active usage of the marketplace. Any marketplace entry can be booked with different tariffs.

Each of our tariffs contains a different feature package. Contained features and prices can be obtained during the order process. HEATREAT.DE is entitled to change prices and features for its marketplace at any time. Already booked entries continue to be active at the conditions that were valid during the purchase until the end of the minimum term.

Purchases can be done through your personal control panel. The payment is processed via PayPal. To avoid abuse, all marketplace entries are checked and activated manually by HEATREAT.DE. The contract duration begins with the activation of the marketplace entry.

The minimum duration of each individual entry is 12 months. This period is automatically extended by 12 months unless you cancel the entry at least 3 months before the end of the current period. Canceling an entry can be done through your personal control panel. Two months before the end of a period, HEATREAT.DE sends out a demand note for the following period. The respective payment can be done through your personal control panel via PayPal. If the payment is not done before the first day of the new period, the respective marketplace entry becomes inactive. The duty of payment however, is not affected. Once paid, the entry immediately becomes active again.

Tariff changes are possible through the control panel. Upgrades to a higher tariff can be issued at any time. Already booked periods are deducted from the price (rounded to full month). A tariff upgrade resets the minimum duration to 12 months.

Downgrades to a lower tariff can only be done at the end of a period. To do this, select your new desired tariff for 12 months after having received the demand note from HEATREAT.DE.


§6.3 Download shop

HEATREAT.DE offers scientific journals from various authors against a fixed fee. The prices can be obtained straight from the catalogue. Payment is done through PayPal, which immediately activates the download.
If you are a private user, the license for a download is only valid for you personally. With the download, you acquire a temporally and locally unlimited license for personal use. Copyrights remain in the possession of HEATREAT.DE. You may copy the date to mobile devices like laptops or mobile phones and may create a security copy. Passing over the data to third persons, showing them publicly and redistributing parts or the entire pieces is strictly forbidden and a violation of our copyright.
Commercial users may use publications from HEATREAT.DE for internal use in their company and copy either the files or prints for their colleagues to use. An external distribution however is forbidden.

If you wish to use one of our publications for a speech, training or other public presentation, please get in contact directly with HEATREAT.DE.


§6.4 Job exchange

HEATREAT.DE offers employers and employees the opportunity to place job searches, job offers and apprenticeship training positions on the site publicly. This service may only be used for the purpose of placing job offers or personal profiles for the sake of recruitment. Any use for purposes other than intended (e.g. for commercial advertisements) leads to the imminent and permanent exclusion from the platform.

1. Job search
As a private user, you may place job searches for free on HEATREAT.DE. The adverts are by default limited to a duration of 4 weeks, but can be canceled earlier than that.
As an alternative, we offer you the option of letting HEATREAT.DE merchandise you. In this case, interested employers may call for your contact data with the aid of a chiffre number. If you take advantage of this opportunity, please contact us directly – this case is covered by individual contracts.

2. Job offers, apprenticeship training positions
As a commercial user on HEATREAT.DE, you have the opportunity to place job offers. Placing apprenticeship training positions is for free, job offers however do cost and can be paid directly via PayPal. The adverts go live immediately after the payment. By default, the duration of adverts is limited to 4 weeks, but can be extended by further 4 weeks using PayPal. You may advertise as many job offers at the same time as it suits your needs.


§6.5 Hardening shops

The hardening shop search is a a mediation for heat treatment purchase orders. With the aid of data provided by you, HEATREAT.DE will try to find one or more hardening shops that match your needs. HEATREAT.DE does not assume any liability for the data that is provided by the user. Sending in a search can be done for free and without obligations. The conciliation is handled in a separate contract. HEATREAT.DE does not guarantee that an inquiry can be successfully conciliated to a hardening shop.


§7 Changes to the terms of use

HEATREAT.DE reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time.


§8 Final regulations
These terms of use and all resulting privities between visitors, customers and HEATREAT.DE apply to German law only. The invalidity of single regulations does not compromise the validity of the remaining terms of use.