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HEATREAT.DE - The Heat Treatment Consultant Network - provides consulting services for all questions and problems of secondary  heat treatment. With an outstanding expert team, all questions around heat treatment can be analysed fast and solutions will be prepared in shortest time.


Questions and problems according to the following issues as listed below are worked out by our specialists in due time:

1. Problem solutions for heat treatment processes

2. Problem solutions for furnace installations

3. Process Technology

3.1 Atmosphere heat treating processes

3.2 Vacuum heat treatment processes

3.3 New developed processes

3.4 Analysis of processes


4. Installation Technology

4.1 Selection of processes and equipment

4.2 Installation optimized for technique and costs

4.3 Environment compliant installation technology

4.4 Cost favourable selection of components, parts and consumable material


5. Market Studies

5.1 Global survey about heat treating markets

5.2 Analysis of product portfolios

5.3 Analysis of trends

5.4 Analysis of future developments and requirements


6. State of the heat treatment industry

6.1 Markets

6.2 Products

6.3 Services


7. Control Technology

7.1 Cost optimized selection of hard- and software configurations

7.2 Problem solutions for hard- and software failures

7.3 Proposals for total solutions

7.4 Support by implementation of new hard- and software configurations


8. Sensor Technology

8.1 Market overview

8.2 Analysis of available Sensors

8.3 Optimized selection of process and sensor


9. New products and processes

9.1 Overview and recommendations

9.2 Cost and efficiency comparison


10. Technical Due Diligence reports

10.1 Sale of enterprises

10.2 Purchase of enterprises