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Technologies & Processes

In order to provide an unbiased and neutral treatment of all questions concerning Heat Treatment processes and installations - regardless specific products and systems - HEATREAT.DE has developed an extensive Expert Inquiry.


This inquiry system is streamlined and hands-on with the following benefits for our customers:

  • custom analysis of the given problem through detailed questions about the heat treatment process and installations.
  • efficient and fast evaluation of the expert inquiry and optimization of  suggested solutions by the HEATREAT.DE expert team.



Each expert inquiry is coherent and optimized to the respective process. This is how it works:

  1. login by the customer
  2. selection of the appropriate expert inquiry form through the navigation
  3. fill in and send the form to the expert team of HEATREAT.DE

  4. With the aid of your provided information, a cost-effective solution to your problem is developed as quickly as possible.



The following processes and installation engineering types provide a detailed expert inquiry:

  1. Atmosphere processes
    1. Carburizing
    2. Hardening
    3. Hardening and Tempering
    4. Gas nitriding
    5. Carbonitriding
    6. Nitrocarburizing
  2. Plasma processes
    1. Plasma carburizing
    2. Plasma nitriding / nitrocarburizing
  3. Vacuum processes
    1. Hardening
    2. Low pressure carburizing
    3. High pressure nitriding
    4. Tempering
    5. Annealing
    6. Brazing
    7. Dewaxing / Sintering
  4. Quenching
    1. Oil
    2. Gas
    3. Salt
    4. Water / Polymeres
  5. Installations
    1. Atmosphere furnaces
      1. Batch furnaces
      2. Continuous furnaces
    2. Vacuum furnaces


Of course, our experts are also at your service for many further questions concerning Heat Treatment. Simply use the navigation below "Technologies & Processes" and select your desired topic.